Air Jordan XI – ’25th Anniversary’


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do you know how hard and expensive it was to get find these in my size!!!! i would never ball in these i barely even wear them. i almost whooped some ass when this little kid accidentally grazed my shoe!!!! but when your making millions… it aint no biggie like a tupac battle!

Yo Arenas got crazy shoe game, he should wear the same shoe in 2 different colorways. although the wack ass NBA would fine him for having style. Its a shame how them haters can get to you.

Check out this awesome shirt!

Hook me up with these shoes and the Jordan jersey.. I’m Alex and geo cousin. The train u at 360 fitness…

My son is a basketball ball head he eat sleep basketball ball he find team to play on in the summer winter but it hard for me as a single mother to keep up with all these sneaker I went to buy my son some basketball sneaker I could buty the one he ask me for because it was over my budget 250 plus tax it very hard for us single mother try to keep up with all these sneaker and keep our kids happy v

my son is a basketball head he eat sleep breathe basketball sometimes is hard as a single parent trying to keep up with all these new sneakers I went to purchase a pair of sneakers for my son to basketball it was $300 I had to put it back by one that was on sale its hard when you have a child that love the sport you try your best to provide everything that you can for them