Here’s some details…

You have to be following @agentzeroshow@thesneakerchamp on Twitter. Yes, both.  The dude & the SneakerChamp!

Follow Gilbert Arenas on Twitter @agentzeroshow for the QUESTION.

The question will be announced on @agentzeroshow timeline EVERYDAY between the window of 3:00pm to 6:00pm EST.

ANSWER the question by replying/mentioning @thesneakerchamp.

First person to answer correctly will get a follow & DM from @thesneakerchamp to get all shipping info and if you want shoes signed by @agentzeroshow

NOTE: The shoes will be given away in order of the SneakerChamp game calendar.

First shoe is JORDAN BRAND Air Jordan IX – Premio BIN 23…all the shoes are size US 13 sometimes 12 or 12.5



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